• Own the Biggest Clubs on the Planet

    Take control of your favourite football club and chase the glories of on-the-field success and global domination off the pitch! As the club owner, you'll appoint managers, coaches, physios and scouts to implement your footballing 'project'.

  • Reactive and Immersive Transfer Market

    You'll fund the purchase of new stars and sell declining players to provide your manager with a squad to conquer all challengers. The cut-throat transfer market pits you against real life opponents.

  • Intricate Business Management

    Do you conserve and consolidate or grow and dominate? Depending on your ownership strategy you'll arrange loans, overdrafts and mortgages to support your bank balance whilst funding stadium improvements, squad additions and upgrading training facilities.

  • Realtime Multiplayer Experience

    Wheel and deal in the football world, matching the cut and thrust on the pitch with the Machiavellian intrigues that lurk in the boardrooms of the big-time sport. Join thousands of players around the globe in the most realistic representation of the footballing world.

  • Authentic Match Day Experience

    The game will debut with a 2D Match Engine which allows players to watch matches in real time. The match engine fully models the intricacies of football played around the world.


  1. Important information about Release 0.0.3

    Important information about Release 0.0.3 It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update about Football President and that’s not…

  2. How Companies, Club Ownership and the Stock Market work in Football President

    How Companies, Club Ownership and the Stock Market work in Football President

About The Developer / Contact

Football President is our first game, a browser based sports management (ownership) simulation game. It is a quirky and fun mix between a business tycoon game and a sports simulation.

We feel that somewhere along the line, the art of making good games was lost. Developers stopped working on quirky, fun and innovative games. Sadly we somehow ended up with app stores filled to the brim with the same ol' concepts designed to squeeze out one last micro transaction from you!

Our operation is tiny - we have a small team and an even smaller budget! But we think making games that are fun to play isn't about glitzy graphics and extravagant marketing campaigns. We want to focus on the things that matter - engaging game play and creative story telling...

Jobs And Vacancies

  • Volunteer Data Researchers

    We desperately need volunteers with a keen interest in player scouting, teams and competitions to flesh out the game database.

  • Graphics / UI Designer

    Calling all FM Skin Designers! Want to work on the project from the ground up? Have more input in the game? We need you!

  • Social Media Manager

    It's hard work building a game so we could with a hand! Can you help us maintain and engage with our fans on Facebook, Twitter etc?

  • Funding Coordinator

    You know what would really help? Investment! If you have expertise in raising funds or just incredibly well connected - get in touch!

If you are interested in any of these positions, please send us an email explaining why you are interested in the job and what you could bring to the team. Send all applications to info@footballpresident.net


  • "It would be awesome to have a owner or managing director with a set off skills that will give you an advantage in the way you run the club. For instance if i like to develop talent and sell them for a high price like Ajax does my character should have that skill set to give my youth academy an advantage to develop the next star."

    Wdka - 30/06/15

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