Release Version: v0.0.2

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Download Football President

The wait is finally over, we have a new release of Football President for you to download and test.

Release Changelog (28th April 2016)

  • New User Interface: the app looks a bit slicker, the menu bar has been re-designed.
  • Full database on the game servers - that includes 7 nations, 19 leagues and 392 teams running on 5 different servers. Each server will run at a different speed so we can test what the optimal speed is!
  • Message Interface in a similar old school Championship Manager style so you can keep up to date on what's happening in the game world.
  • You can browse through the Game World, Continents, Nations and Competitions screen (league only at the moment!)
  • Entire seasons will be generated, including fixture creation, match results, promotions and relegations etc.
  • Character creation bug fixed!
  • My profile screen added!